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Welcome to the LeanIX Product Documentation. Here you will find all the basic information you need to start working with LeanIX. We provide you with well-structured information on how to get more out of LeanIX, best-practices and use-case specific guidelines. Feel free to spread this product documentation in your company and use it as a common information source to answer your colleagues’ most urgent questions.

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Service Health

See Status and Versions of underlying Services

In the Service Health section you get a quick overview which is the current status and version of the underlying services.


Name: Here you see the Name of the underlying Service of your LeanIX Pathfinder.


Status: If the status is green every service is running without any problems. If the status is red there could be some problems with this service at the moment.


Version: Here you can see the current version of the Service.

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Service Health

See Status and Versions of underlying Services

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