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Welcome to the LeanIX Product Documentation. Here you will find all the basic information you need to start working with LeanIX. We provide you with well-structured information on how to get more out of LeanIX, best-practices and use-case specific guidelines. Feel free to spread this product documentation in your company and use it as a common information source to answer your colleagues’ most urgent questions.

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Logo & Color

Adapt Logo & Color of your Workspace

Configure your Workspace Design

In LeanIX you have the possibility to configure your own LeanIX design and make LeanIX look exactly the way your corporate identity requires it. If you want to configure your own LeanIX design you need to select Custom at the pre-defined designs.

In the Custom Design section, you can give your LeanIX workspace an unique design. To configure the logos, background, buttons, links, fonts you need to click on "Custom". Which changes belong to what is described below.


Menu Logo: The logo that is displayed at the upper right corner.


Menu Background Image: The logo or picture what is displayed as background in the upper menu bar.


Favicon: The logo that is displayed in the internet-tab and the bookmark sign of LeanIX.


Menu Bar: These settings regards to everything you can find at the menu bar at the top of your LeanIX workspace (Buttons, Font, Background).


Links: These settings regards to all Links that are in your LeanIX Workspace.


Buttons: These settings regards to all buttons that are on your LeanIX workspace e.g. Upload, Save, New Subscription Role etc.


Tour: These settings refer to the Help Tour in LeanIX. So which background and font color it should have.



To match the exact colors be aware that you need to know the HTML or RGB color-code of your corporate colors.

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Logo & Color

Adapt Logo & Color of your Workspace

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