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Password Rules

LeanIX offers two possibilities concerning password rules, namely regular and strict. Below, please, find the password rules.



Changing the password rules for your Workspace is not a self-service feature. Please, contact LeanIX Support or your Customer Success Manager to adapt the password rules.

Regular Password Rules

The password must contain at least two elements of the following character groups:

a. Lowercase letter (a ... z)

b. Capital letter (A ... Z)

c. Numerical value (0 ... 9)

d. Special characters (!, ", $, ...)

Strict Password Rules

a. Password validity 180 days

b. The last five passwords are not usable

c. Minimum length: eight characters

d. Contains characters from at least three of the following character groups:

  • Capital letters (A ... Z)

  • Lowercase letters (a ... z)

  • Numerical value (0 ... 9)

  • Special characters (!, ", $, ...)

e. Maximum one password change per day

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Password Rules

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