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SaaS Discovery with APM

Automatically identify all your SaaS services.

What is SaaS Discovery?

LeanIX’s automated technology is integrated with over 3,600 SaaS vendors and all leading financial, HR, and Single Sign-On systems.

  • Centralize all SaaS Applications from disparate locations (spreadsheets) in a unified platform

  • Discover all existing SaaS Applications across the organization and get full visibility

  • Reveal/ identify accountability and ownership

  • Get real-time visibility to optimize usage and ensure proper entitlements, eliminate waste and control SaaS spend

  • Enable business unit leaders to make informed decisions on all SaaS Applications they are using and hold them accountable to justify the need for the Applications in their business unit

  • Reduce the risk of unknown SaaS Applications being overlooked during an organizations regular compliance review

Key Feature


Automated discovery with integrations to key enterprise systems

Mapping of SaaS Applications landscape based on integrations with key enterprise systems.
Includes integrations to SSO, ERP, expense management, CASB, contract management, and similar systems such as Concur, NetSuite, Coupa, Okta, Spring CM, and Zscaler.
Also includes browser plug-in support.

Monitoring and alerting

Detection of SaaS Applications purchased outside of official IT procurement channels. Automatic alerts via email and dashboard when non-compliant or risky SaaS Applications are detected.

Spend analysis

SaaS spend break down and trend analysis by service or organizational unit.

Role-based access control

Access permissions management based on the role of the user within an organization.

How to activate SaaS Discovery?

All existing and new LeanIX Customers using the APM module - new LeanIX pricing - will get SaaS Discovery & Catalog functionality with no additional costs as part of their subscriptions.


Activate Discovery

There is not a lot for you to do to gain value: Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to get SaaS Discovery activated.

How does it work?

Discovered SaaS Applications, IT Components and Providers will be added to your APM Workspace with appropriate Tags “SI_MATCH” (if a match with an existing Fact Sheet has been discovered) and “SI_NEW” (when a new Fact Sheet was created).

When importing discovered SaaS Services in your APM Workspace, you have different options:

  • Import services as Applications and IT Components in alignment with the standard data model. For customers who need to e.g. manage on-premise as well as cloud-based Applications side-by-side, this enables a clean integration of SaaS Discovery data in your existing workspace and landscape. It also ensures that Providers can be mapped to IT Components on every imported service.

  • Import services as Applications only and make a data model change in APM that allows Providers to be mapped directly to Applications. This enables customers to create a streamlined, SaaS-focused workspace.

The distinction between Applications and IT Components within APM is based on a number of considerations as well as choices within the out-of-the-box data model itself:

  • Business capabilities and interfaces can only be mapped to Applications

  • Providers and Technical Stacks can only be mapped to IT Components

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SaaS Discovery with APM

Automatically identify all your SaaS services.

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