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Welcome to the LeanIX Product Documentation. Here you will find all the basic information you need to start working with LeanIX. We provide you with well-structured information on how to get more out of LeanIX, best-practices and use-case specific guidelines. Feel free to spread this product documentation in your company and use it as a common information source to answer your colleagues’ most urgent questions.

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LeanIX Smart Xplore™️

Rapid Navigation. Intelligent Personalization. Seamless Exploration.

LeanIX Smart Xplore™ is a set of functionalities that enable seamless exploration and rapid navigation capabilities in all LeanIX products.

1. Rapid Navigation

Explore an enterprise-wide inventory of application or cloud data using guided recommendations—from within the LeanIX Dashboard, Inventory, Reports, and Diagrams—to quickly access the information you need. Content within LeanIX Reports and Diagrams, along with key information on dependencies between IT entities, can be seen from within convenient preview images, and an improved search and information sharing mechanism has been included.

Dashboard Selection via Drop-Down Menu

Access everything you need from your Dashboard Panels

Text Search Bar in Inventory, Reports & Diagrams to find personalized of predefined Saved Searches, Reports or Diagrams

Preview images of Saved Searches, Reports or Diagrams on hover.

2. Intelligent Personalization

Tailored overviews for all users on their individual responsibilities to simplify daily planning and prioritize application maintenance. Users now have the ability to receive To-Do lists in addition to personalizing all LeanIX Dashboards. Users can now control how information is shared within an organization based on roles and responsibilities.

Dashboard Personalization

Click on your name to update your profile picture and name. Below your name you can see the role which is currently active and then you logged in last time

Start building your individual Dashboard tailored to your needs in New Dashboard. You can include Panels for Saved Searches in the Inventory, Report panels, custom Fact Sheet Charts and more.

In Edit Dashboard you can drag & drop Panels for Inventory Saved Searches, Report panels, custom Fact Sheet Charts and more, into the dashboard.

Dashboard personalization also allows you to add any Report you need to keep an eye on.

Personalized and Predefined Saved Searches, Reports and Diagrams

Share Saved Searches, Reports and Diagrams

Define Permissions based on user reponsibilities

See what was shared with you

3. Seamless Exploration

Easily explore dependencies in LeanIX with a new and fully-interactive 360-degree Relations Explorer. Furthermore, LeanIX Fact Sheets can be customized with Sub-Types and Dependent Fields making it even more efficient to grasp dependencies.

Relations Explorer

Explore relations to other Fact Sheets interactively.

Customizable Fact Sheets with Sub-Types

Some of the advantages of using Sub-Types of the same Fact Sheet type include:

  • Working with a Lean data model
  • Minimal changes needed on the existing data model, yet filtering and reporting per specific Sub-Type are possible
  • Attributes and Relations can be modeled separately per Sub-Type

Customizable Fact Sheets with Dependent Fields

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LeanIX Smart Xplore™️

Rapid Navigation. Intelligent Personalization. Seamless Exploration.

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